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Student Fair Exhibitors

Monash Warwick Alliance: Student Fair

Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 1:00-2:00PM

The Oculus Foyer


Our Exhibitors


The International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR)

An annual, two-day academic conference that showcases the best in undergraduate research from around the world through our network of participating institutions


Student Mobility

Discover mobility opportunities to Monash Australia and Monash Malaysia


Alliance Intensive Study Programme

New international experience - intensive blended modules taught over 2-4 weeks, Term 3, either face-to-face or in a hybrid format, offering a variety of credit bearing options and study locations



Virtual internships - multi-university teams of up to 8 students work remotely on an organisation’s project for four weeks during the summer


Migration, Identity, and Translation Network (MITN)

An interdisciplinary hub connecting Students, Early Career Researchers, Senior Academics and relevant Non-Academic Stakeholders exploring issues of migration, identity, and translation


Graduate Research: Joint PhD Scholarship and PhD Travel Grant

The Joint PhD enables you to study at two internationally renowned institutions, co-supervised by academics from Monash and Warwick.

The PhD Travel Grant supports short-term visits to Monash, allowing you to connect with academics and fellow research students without requiring a long-term commitment to studying abroad.


 Grab a free coffee and find out what the Alliance could offer you.

Register for the chance to win the Arts Centre Cinema ticket to The Sapphires on Tuesday 17 May, 5:45pm