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External Partners

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Accessing great minds to tackle real world challenges

The Alliance continues to build strong relationships with a range of external organisations and institutions, both in the UK, Australia and internationally. We can offer partners the benefits of working with two world-class universities and a truly global network. By combining skills and sharing facilities the Alliance is able to grant access to an outstanding range of specialised facilities and the complementary strengths of both institutions. For some time there has been growing recognition from governments and international bodies of the importance of universities working collaboratively in response to complex global problems. By engaging with partners both within and external to the HE sector, we are able to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to produce truly transformational research.

Our specific research areas have the strength and depth to influence societal policy and practice. Through our partnership we seek to pursue sector-wide engagement to shape policies and practices in ways that support richer international collaboration. We are contributing to current debates about the future relationship between the UK and Australia and the contribution that universities can make to influencing the overall bilateral research and funding landscape. In the coming years the Alliance plans to increase the number and diversity of interactions with funders and wider society. Working on initiatives to promote sustainable development and contributing intellectual leadership, we will inform policy and debate in a number of key areas such as Migration and Identity. From corporate partners and public services to the professional networks that our researchers engage with, the Alliance welcomes the opportunity to develop mutually beneficial partnerships.