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Monash Warwick Alliance Newsletter

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Mon 25 Oct 2021, 11:30

Creating a future-ready workforce to tackle antimicrobial resistance: The Monash Warwick Alliance Training Programme in Emerging Superbug Threats

The race is on to find new antimicrobial drugs to take the place of those that have become obsolete. The drive for discovery is very much in the hands of universities around the world as there is a little economic incentive for commercial laboratories to research and develop commodity pharmaceuticals. Finding new antimicrobial drugs is not simple and necessitates an interdisciplinary approach, with scientists and laboratories with different areas of expertise working jointly to tackle the problem from different angles.

Mon 24 Jan 2022, 08:48

Top Economics student research showcased on Warwick Monash portal

A collaborative project between the Department of Economics at Warwick and Monash Business School showcases the best Undergraduate and Master's dissertations by Economics students on an online portal, to highlight excellence in students’ research work and acknowledge their contribution to a vibrant research environment in both departments.

Fri 01 Oct 2021, 11:41

The Alliance Connections Fund

In response to the unprecedented change and rapid shifting of research and education landscapes during 2020, the Monash Warwick Alliance is inviting researchers, educators, students, and professional staff to continue to connect virtually and shape novel approaches to global collaboration in education and research.

Tue 14 Sep 2021, 15:11

Teamwork in the Covid-19 Zone

Bringing together Sociolinguistics and Emergency Medicine, Jo Angouri, Professor of Applied Linguistics at Warwick and Adjunct Professor at Monash, leads on developing practical communication strategies for medical teams working in restrictive Level 3 PPE.

Wed 12 May 2021, 12:14

Developing efficient mechanisms for energy storage to create a greener future

Rapid depletion of fossil fuels and the consequent increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions has led to one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time; the greenhouse effect. Finding effective ways of minimizing CO2 emissions has become a major focus for governments around the world, with the UK becoming the first major economy to pass a net zero emissions law, requiring all greenhouse gas emissions be reduced to net zero by 2050. Industry and business globally are following suit in order to meet their legal and social responsibilities. 

Tue 27 Apr 2021, 13:23

Soil bacteria hormone discovery provides fertile ground for new antibiotics

The discovery of how hormone-like molecules turn on antibiotic production in soil bacteria could unlock the untapped opportunities for medicines that are under our very feet.

An international team of scientists working at the University of Warwick, UK, and Monash University, Australia, have determined the molecular basis of a biological mechanism that could enable more efficient and cost-effective production of existing antibiotics, and also allow scientists to uncover new antibiotics in soil bacteria.

Thu 04 Feb 2021, 14:59

Joint PhD Research Success

“Doing a Joint PhD will never be easy, but that’s what also makes it so worthwhile. Having interuniversity and interdisciplinary supervisors is incredibly stimulating and helps me be creative” says Monash Warwick Alliance Joint PhD candidate, Simon van Baal.

Thu 03 Dec 2020, 15:43

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