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Celebrating ICUR 2019

Now in its 7th year, the International Conference for Undergraduate Research (ICUR) has established itself as a unique student-led event connecting undergraduates from around the world in a 48-hour global academic conference.

Supported by the Monash Warwick Alliance, ICUR will be held on 24 and 25 September in the Oculus building at the University of Warwick and Monash University’s New Horizons building on Clayton campus

This year, ICUR brings together 9 institutions from 9 countries, with more student presenters than ever before. Joining students from Australia and the UK in video-linked presentation sessions will be undergraduates from Belgium, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa and the USA.

ICUR Directors

ICUR 2019 Student Directors: Amy Gallichio, Vlad Mazurencu-Marinescu, Jack Taylor, Katerina Mrhacova, Lukasz Bartoszcze, Hannah Mikleus

Students are at the centre of the leadership and planning of ICUR, while being guided and mentored by staff. Third year Monash University Bachelor of Science student and one of ICUR’s Student Directors, Amy Gallichio became involved to develop her multidisciplinary research and presentation skills,

“ICUR offered the perfect opportunity to refine my public speaking and strengthen my confidence in science communication,” says Amy. “The conference was also an excellent venue to meet and network with other research-focused students.”

Becoming a Student Director meant that Amy was able to refine her teamwork, management and strategic planning skills, as well as to share her positive experiences with other students.

"The position of Student Director offers a unique platform to represent undergraduate research and Monash University,” says Amy. “Having participated in an international research team, becoming a Student Director felt like the next step in developing my leadership and collaboration skills. It has challenged me to develop a broader perspective in planning for my future and managing the unexpected along the way. My involvement has strengthen my resilience and I feel prepared to pursue my professional and personal goals.”

Amy shares her role as Monash Student Director with third year Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Hons) student, Hannah Mikleus. Hannah says that before hearing about ICUR she thought her research journey would begin after graduating.

“It’s really exciting that students can gain these experiences while they are still an undergraduate,” says Hannah. “ICUR allows for the fostering of international relations between students from all around the world. Building these networks is so important, not only for future careers, but in order to understand the perspectives of other students in different parts of the world.”

Hannah says that she wanted to become a Student Director to go outside her comfort zone and try something outside the normal scope of her activities.

“It’s not every day that someone asks you to run a multidisciplinary international conference while you are still an undergraduate student. It’s been a great experience. In a typical degree, you might learn experimental techniques, or how to write a research paper. ICUR has given me experience in the dissemination of research, which is as vital a step as any. Through this understanding, I am able to make a better informed decision as to my career plans for the future.”

At the University of Warwick, the team of Student Directors is made up of Vlad Mazurencu-Marinescu, Jack Taylor, Katerina Mrhacova and Lukasz Bartoszcze. Jack and Vlad will be hosting the ICUR 2019 conference at the University of Warwick and reflect on their decisions to become involved,

“Following my experiences as a volunteer in 2018, I applied to become an ICUR Student Director in order to build on progress made by the previous team,” says Jack. “I also hope to improve the ICUR experience for both speakers and attendees at this year’s conference.”

Vlad says; “ICUR is an opportunity to make research more accessible to students, who are often interested in focusing on fields that have perhaps been overlooked by more senior researchers”.

The 2019 ICUR Student Directors look forward to welcoming all presenters from participating institutions.

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ICUR is proudly supported by the Monash Warwick Alliance.