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International learning experience for 47 Monash and Warwick students

The Monash Warwick Alliance joined up with Common Purpose, a specialist in cross-boundary leadership programs to launch a Global Leader Experience program in Malaysia this month. The program explores a major world challenge “How do we ensure technological innovation delivers societal as well as economic value in cities” and immersed 47 undergraduates from the two universities into a dynamic international learning experience.


From Monash University, 15 students from Australia and 17 students from Malaysia joined 15 students from the University of Warwick, UK to create a truly global team. The students spent four days at Monash University’s Malaysia campus from 8 – 11 July honing their leadership skills and engaging with industry partners across Kuala Lumpur, as well as meeting visionary leaders from global businesses, governments and international not-for-profit organisations.

The Global Leader Experience was designed to challenge students to adapt and thrive in a new context, whilst establishing a genuinely global network. Prior to joining the program students were encouraged to bring their unique experiences to the learning environment to add depth and community perspective.

Following the experience, Monash University Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science student, Tom Lucas said;

“The Global Leaders Experience has allowed me to develop my confidence and skills as a leader. I’ve been able to expand my comfort zone by being outside of it for most of the sessions I’ve participated in. I found it really enjoyable being challenged in a supportive environment. I hope to take away all the perspectives of the industry speakers, and the experiences they transferred to us. As well as this, I have a better understanding of working with diverse groups and accepting differences. I hope to use that in all aspects of my life.”

University of Warwick Bachelor of Law student, Filza Raja also shared her thoughts on the experience;

“For me, being on the Global Leaders Experience has been about learning how different cultures interact with each other, the way they look at problems and how they work on them. Coming here, I’ve seen people look at problems differently to me. They consider all the different possibilities before they take action and that’s something I haven’t done before. I know now when I’m doing university work it’s another approach I can take that will allow me to be successful.

The experience has really opened my eyes and I’ve kept a diary of what I’ve learnt every day. Moving on from this I’m going to reflect on what I’ve learnt and see how I can incorporate it into my life. I’ve realised that I haven’t got all the leadership skills yet and there are many things I can incorporate to become a better leader. I’m going to look over what I’ve learnt and see what I can incorporate into whatever I do in life.”


The Monash Warwick Alliance is committed to embracing and celebrating diversity particularly among student bodies. Throughout the experience, students built international connections and had the chance to expand their social network within a diverse group of participants.

Paul Blagburn, Head of Widening Participation and Outreach, University of Warwick, said;

“The University of Warwick is deeply committed to enhancing the range of short-term inclusive student mobility opportunities. Through the core educational drivers of the Monash Warwick Alliance, combined with the expertise of Common Purpose to deliver immersive leadership opportunities, this programme will provide a truly transformational and enriching experience for the students involved. We believe that the students will return as more reflective, collaborative and globally-minded leaders and use this as a springboard to steer their future options and inspire their peers.”

In addition to this, the knowledge, solutions and insights built throughout the program will be shared among other Common Purpose programs around the world. Andy Coxall, Chief Executive, Common Purpose Student Experiences, said;

“Students are heading into a fast, fluid and disrupted world, beset by complex challenges and increasing fragmentation in our cities and societies. We are delighted to be working with the Monash Warwick Alliance to ensure that their students thrive in this world equipped with the skills and competencies to be inclusive leaders who can bring diverse groups of people together to solve the common problems we face.”

Professor Andrew Walker, President and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Monash University, Malaysia campus says he is delighted to be working with our colleagues at the University of Warwick on this important initiative;

“There is no better way for students to learn about leadership than by learning in a transnational context. Global teams are an essential feature of the modern workforce and by bringing together students from Australia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom we are creating a great environment for the exchange of experiences, skills and perspectives. The Global Leader Experience is typical of the diversity that underpins the student experience here at Monash University, Malaysia campus."