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(Re)Introducing Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal


Moving into its seventh year of continuous publication, the research journal Exchanges continues to represent a successful and tangible example of collaboration between early career scholars at Monash and Warwick.

Since 2013, Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) has been publishing a peer-reviewed, open access, scholar-led, international, interdisciplinary research journal. Unlike many comparable titles, what marks Exchanges out, is how it has always championed early career and doctoral researcher publication practices. Consequently, the twice-yearly published title[1] has established a broad global readership, interested in diverse aspects of research intersectionality, interdisciplinarity and multi-disciplinarity.

Originally Exchanges was set up as an output of the IAS’ renowned early career fellowship development programme, by some of the scheme’s participants. To this day its international Editorial Board is still comprised of early career and post-graduate researchers from varied disciplinary areas based at Warwick, Monash and other global research partners. Crucially, it is these Board members who manage peer-review and copyediting of submitted work, along with managing contributor relationships. The Board’s work, along with the journal’s development, are ultimately overseen operationally by the IAS’ Dr Gareth J Johnson as its Managing Editor-in-Chief (EIC), a post he has occupied since early 2018.

Exchanges has two core missions, which strongly resonate with the IAS’ own values and functions in developing researchers. Firstly, the journal seeks to enrich, enable and inform interdisciplinary discourse through the publication of original research, thought and opinion from emerging scholars and new authors from all disciplines. This rich heritage of fostering new voices is mirrored in the efforts of the Editorial Board in supporting authors’ development of their authorial voice and academic writing skills. This is an aspect of the journal’s other core mission, to provide a developmental environment for authors, reviewers and editors in publishing practice, ethics and process. It is notable that many newly minted academic authors can struggle to formally communicate effectively outside of their disciplinary traditions. As a consequence of this, the EIC continues to contribute to researcher workshops and training programmes on topics including effective scholarly communication, practical peer-review and editorial skills.

Calls for Papers & Special Issues

The journal has two currently open calls for papers from scholars globally. The first is a rolling call with no deadline, seeking research papers or critical insights on any topic suitable for a broad, multidisciplinary audience[2]. Manuscripts submitted to this call will see publication in the available next issue after they emerge from review and revision. The second is a themed call, seeking papers on the topic of ‘Falsehoods, Misinterpretations & Factual Divergence’, with a generous deadline of 1st May 2020. Papers for this call are expected to be published in the Autumn 2020 issue.

Alongside its regularly published issues, excitingly throughout 2019 the journal has been working towards the publication of two special issues, in collaboration with post-graduate researchers based in Warwick and Monash. These post-graduates have become associate editors of the journal, and alongside learning more about scholarly publication have made significant contributions to the Exchanges’ development. The first of these special issues, drawing on 2018’s Bites Here & There conference[3], will see publication early in 2020. The second, inspired by papers and themes at the Utopian Studies Society 2019 conference in Prato, Italy[4], is expected to arrive in the latter half of 2020. A recently announced third special issue focussing on interdisciplinary representations and narratives of nerd culture and loneliness is also under development with early career scholars at SOAS and the University of Oxford, with a likely publication date of 2021. Further details on this latter issue will appear during 2020 on the journal’s website.

More Information

You can find out more about Exchanges, its articles along with the opportunities to contribute via the journal’s website [], editorial blog [], Twitter account [@ExchangesIAS] or through joining its Linked.In community []. Alternatively, the Editor-in-Chief [gareth dot johnson at warwick dot ac dot uk], welcomes approaches to discuss article proposals, potential special issues, collaboration, event invitations, along with general enquiries.

[1] Spring (April) and Autumn (October) issues normally

[3] Warwick, 2018. ''Bites Here and There'': Literal and Metaphorical Cannibalism across Disciplines. Available at:

[4] USS, 2019. 20th International Conference of the Utopian Studies Society, Europe: Utopia, Dystopia and Climate Change. Available at: