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Researcher wins INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship in Life and Biomedical Sciences

Hussain BhukyaCongratulations to Monash University Research Fellow, Hussain Bhukya for his selection as one of fourteen awardees for the ‘Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research’ (INSPIRE) Faculty Fellowship in Life and Biomedical Sciences sponsored by the Indian Department of Science and Technology.

INSPIRE is an innovative programme aiming to attract talent into the field of science throughout India. The programme’s core objectives are to strengthen and expand science, technology, research and development throughout the country.

Hussain first joined Monash in 2011 as a PhD student of the IITB-Monash Academy. Following his graduation in 2017, he stayed on at Monash as a Post-Doctoral Fellow and is currently working under the Monash Warwick Alliance Professor of Sustainable Chemistry Professor Greg Challis. Hussain has been conducting structural studies of antibiotic biosynthetic enzymes and transcriptional regulators controlling antibiotic biosynthetic pathways using a combination of single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and X-ray crystallography, and will continue this research for another year.

Professor Greg Challis says,

“Hussain is an exceptional early career researcher who is thoroughly deserving of this award, which recognises his scientific dedication and talent. The award will enable him to launch his independent academic career and I look forward to learning about the many exciting discoveries resulting from his work.”

The five-year INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship will enable Hussain to continue his research enlightening the structural basis for polyketide natural products biosynthesis and access a contractual or tenure-track position in a University or Research Institute in India.

Hussain comments on his research;

"Small things collectively make a huge impact – bacteria are master in this."