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Scholar events

Chevening and Commonwealth Afternoon Tea 2021 - Thursday 11th November 2021, Courtyard Restaurant, Scarman

Albukhary Afternoon Tea 2021 - Monday 29th November, Radcliffe, Conference Centre

Bolashaq Afternoon Tea 2021 - TBC

China Scholarship Council Lunch 2021 - TBC

WUGES Social Sciences Celebration Event - Monday 25th April 2022, Radcliffe, Conference Centre

WUGES SEM and Arts Celebration Event - Wednesday 27th April 2022, Radcliffe, Conference Centre

Afternoon Tea for Global Scholars 2022 - Thursday 7th July 2022, Radcliffe, Conference Centre

Welcome Reception for Partnership Scholars 2022 - Wednesday 23rd November 2022, Chancellors Suite, Rootes Building