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Sustainable Development

International Alliances and Sustainable Development Goals

We know the way ahead has to lead to a better, more sustainable relationship between people and the planet, and that organisations like Warwick and our partners have a critical role to play. The International Strategy and Relations team fosters international interactions and collaborations that bring together leaders in sustainable development from around the world to research and innovate solutions to these complex global challenges.

Internationalisation, like sustainable development is a pillar of our University 2030 strategy, and our international alliances build on shared research excellence and ability to anticipate and tackle truly global challenges. Our long-term alliances with European universities and Monash University showcase how by working with partner institutions we can innovate our thinking and research.


Sustainable and ethical atitudes towards the planet

Warwick is a founder member of EUTOPIA and is playing an active role in the pursuit of UN Sustainable Development Goals. The combined network of influence of these 10 EUTOPIA universities extends beyond Europe's borders.

Monash Warwick Alliance

10 years of creating real-world impact.

Founded in 2012, the Monash Warwick Alliance has forged strong cross-cultural relationships and established a deep and enduring partnership that is driving global change and creating real-world impact. We believe that by bringing great minds together, we can shape a better future around health, energy and materials, people and communities, and the Universe.