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Apprenticeships at Warwick

Earning while learning

As an institution of learning and development, the University is committed to developing the careers of our employees as fully as possible. Apprenticeships are an important route to providing a first step on the career ladder, and to add benefit to the University in developing highly skilled staff.

During the last twelve months, a number of departments across the University have actively worked with apprentices. Apprenticeships have been supported in the following areas: the nursery, Training and Conference Centres, Warwick Manufacturing Group, Warwick Medical School and the School of Engineering.

How do apprenticeships work?

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes designed around the needs of employers, which lead to nationally recognised qualifications. They can be used to train both new and existing employees, and are open to individuals at any age from 16 years old and above.

Apprenticeships are designed by the Sector Skills Councils, while the National Apprenticeship Service helps to fund the training. The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) supports, funds and co-ordinates the delivery of apprenticeships throughout England, and is responsible for providing a dedicated, responsive service to employers and apprentices.

Apprentices have a distinct and protected status in employment law as they have an employment contract alongside the apprenticeship contract. The purpose of the contract is training, however, employment rights still apply.

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits associated with Apprenticeships. They:

  • contribute to reducing unemployment by providing the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification and work experience;
  • develop a recruitment pipeline where there may be skills shortages;
  • enable the University to contribute positively to the local economy and to develop the skills base within it (in line with our Vision 2015 strategy);
  • are a means to contribute to the employer brand by creating a positive image of the University as an employer.

I'd be interested in training an apprentice. Where can I find out more?

You can find out more about offering an apprenticeship, and find links to lots of other useful sites on the Human Resources webpages.

Visit the Apprenticeship website

Featured Apprentices

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