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Leisha Blakeway - WMS

Interview with Leisha Blakeway, Apprentice in Warwick Medical School's Marketing Department.

Describe the type of work you've been doing...

Event organisation, design work, copywriting, greeting students, meeting potential students, social media, website, reception and general enquiries.

Why did you become an apprentice?

I had applied to university but decided I wanted the practical aspect of marketing alongside learning. I had also undertaken a work experience placement within advertising which I really enjoyed, so this helped me to decide to become an apprentice.

Why did you choose the University of Warwick?

It was one of the few programmes that offered a real marketing and events apprenticeship as opposed to an administration role with a marketing slant.

What's been the highlight of your apprenticeship?

Gaining experience and learning so much. I’m also looking forward to starting my NVQ level 3.

Tell us about your plans for the future...

I would like to gain a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification and hopefully secure a permanent position in marketing and events.

What would you say to someone who was considering joining an apprenticeship?

It’s a really good idea if you want practical skills and if you attend a good college you can gain the theory at the same time.

Interview with Sarah Hill, Marketing Manager, Warwick Medical School

Describe your experience as a line manager to an apprentice...

In the early days you do need to give a lot of support and training. It’s not just the practical skills but how to work in an office generally. You can then step back and let them develop their knowledge and skills whilst offering support when needed.

What are the benefits of having an apprentice within your team?

Leisha’s positive attitude and eagerness to learn. She shares the workload whilst also sharing her creativity. This was also recognised by Senior Management who recommended her nomination for Apprentice of the Year.

Leisha Blakeway and Sarah Hill