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Joanne Lee, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Name: Joanne Lee

Job title: Principal Teaching Fellow in Italian Studies (Chair of AUSC and Director for Student Wellbeing in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures)

Department: School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Role in relation to examinations: Chair of First Year Board of Examiners for the Faculty of Arts

Can you tell us a little bit about your usual role?

My main role is teaching in the Italian department of the School of Modern and Languages and Cultures. I teach modules on transnational literature, women’s writing and Italian to English translation. In my wellbeing role, I coordinate personal tutoring in the School, oversee support and adjustments for students with disabilities, and advise students on the various support services available at Warwick.

What’s your involvement in the examination period?

I chair the First Year Board of Examiners for the Faculty of Arts in June and September each year. I also chair the first year mitigating circumstances panel for the Faculty of Arts and the honours level mitigating circumstances committee for the School of Modern Languages in which we review students’ medical and personal circumstances to ensure consistency and fairness in the exam board process.

What’s your favourite part of this?

Aside from the cakes, I enjoy the buzz of the exam period, particularly on results day when students come to collect their marks from the department.

What’s most important for you about the examination period?

The exam board makes important decisions on students’ progression based on the information provided by departments. So attention to detail and accuracy are essential at each stage of the process.

Are there any challenges?

It can sometimes be saddening to discover the enormity of the personal challenges that some students have faced during their time at Warwick.

What would you say to colleagues involved?

A big thank you to the two most important people in the process for me - Clair Henrywood and Claire Cadman – who do much of the work behind the scenes in collating mark grids from departments and preparing the paperwork for the first year exam board.

What tip or advice would you give students?

Stay focused but allow yourself time to unwind.

Joanne Lee