Please read our student and staff community guidance on COVID-19
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Frequently asked questions by staff and students

General FAQs at the University

Besides these FAQs, you can also get information and advice by emailing coronavirusenquiries at warwick dot ac dot uk.

How is the University coordinating its response to the coronavirus outbreak?

We have convened a dedicated planning group, including academic experts from Warwick Medical School, to coordinate our response to coronavirus and to consider business continuity issues and risks to a range of key business activities, such as recruitment and admissions and education delivery. Our plans are informed by the need to provide proportionate and adaptable responses, always informed by Governmental advice.

What would happen if there was a confirmed case on campus?

We are aware of a number of individuals who have sought and are following medical advice, including to self-isolate. We are monitoring this and providing support and guidance.

If someone on campus is confirmed to have contracted coronavirus, we will work with local health services and Public Health England (PHE) to ensure that the individual receives the best care. We will inform our community, and ensure that anyone in contact with the infected individual is identified and receives medical attention and that the welfare of the wider University is considered.

We will continue to provide information and guidance to our students and staff via our web pages, our social media accounts, and via email.

What should I do if I think I have got coronavirus?

If you think that you may have contracted the coronavirus, follow PHE advice:

  • Stay indoors, and avoid contact with other people.
  • Check if you need medical help by using the NHS medical helpline service and follow their advice:
  • Do not go to your GP or hospital unless you are instructed to do so.
  • You may be advised to self-isolate: read guidance on self-isolation.

If you are told by NHS 111 to self-isolate, you should report to the University's coronavirus helpline. Call 024 765 23111 from an external number, or 23111 from an internal number, to find out what to do next. You also need to contact your department or personal tutor by email or phone to tell them you are absent.

Staff looking after the helpline will direct you to any wellbeing and support services you need, and report to the University so we can assess any actions we need to take.

Will there be changes to the University’s cleaning procedures to help to mitigate the risks of spreading coronavirus?

To assist with the University’s response to the global coronavirus outbreak Campus Cleaning Services will adjust their cleaning schedules to offer additional support and protection to shared spaces and public areas across the University.

Our cleaning teams will be focusing their resources on repeat ‘Touch Point’ cleaning and increasing the frequency of cleaning in all toilet, bathroom, kitchen and shared spaces. They will also be ensuring all bathrooms have regularly replenished stocks of hand soap etc to ensure staff, students and visitors are able to follow PHE advice on hand washing which has been cited as the best form of prevention.

To enable them to focus their efforts on the key tasks of ‘Touch Point’ cleaning, they will reduce the frequency of other tasks such as vacuuming carpeted areas such as lecture theatres, class rooms, corridors etc. This will allow them to re-direct staff to increase the cleaning of key areas.

Is there any advice on the legal implications of event cancellations or third-parties participating in events?

The Legal and Compliance Team have received a number of queries related to COVID-19 recently, particularly on the subject of cancellations, including:

  • Can we cancel our participation in an event?
  • Can we claim money back if overseas events are cancelled?
  • Can other parties cancel their participation with us because of COVID-19?
  • And other questions

Please note these FAQs are strictly for internal purposes and use by University of Warwick staff only.

Visit the Legal and Compliance Team FAQs

Further information, support and reporting


Contact Wellbeing Support Services or Employee Assistance Programme

Call our 24/7 helpline on +44(0)24 765 23111

About our helpline: Please note, we cannot provide medical advice. Our University helpline is for reporting positive cases of confirmed coronavirus and for people on campus who need help and assistance relating to coronavirus. You can also see our data protection statement to see how we handle and process information gathered from the helpline.

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