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Life Sciences seminar by Dr Meera Unnikrishnan

1pm - 2pm, Fri, 13 Oct '17
Location: GLT2, Gibbet Hill campus

Title: Bacterial modulation of the host-pathogen interface

Bacteria have developed several strategies to survive within the host, including intracellular survival and formation of biofilm communities, enabling them to escape antibiotics and immune responses. Investigating such mechanisms, both from the bacterial and host standpoints, is crucial for the development of effective preventive and therapeutic approaches, particularly for recurrent bacterial infections. Our research focuses on understanding host-bacterial interactions that are key to persistent infections. Current work in the group focuses on investigating bacterial mechanisms underlying C. difficile colonisation, and host cell interactions of the type VII secretion systems of Staphylococcus aureus. This talk will review recent research in both areas, including the development of novel in vitro cell-based systems to enable host-pathogen interaction studies during infection.

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