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Crime and Bureaucracy: Have they both gone too far?

The School of Law have arranged a free public lecture from Law Commissioner for England and Wales and fellow of Worcester College, Oxford Dr. Jeremy Holder named "Crime and Bureaucracy: Have they both gone too far?"

The lecture will take place from 5pm to 7pm on Thursday 11 March in the ACCR, Warwick Arts Centre. There will be a drinks reception after the lecture in the main foyer of the ACCR.

For more information please contact Jenny Wilson

About the Lecture

Dr. Holder will consider the common complaint that there is simply too much criminal and regulatory law. He will first present the "case for the prosecution", looking at the sheer number and variety of topics on which the Government has legislated in recent times. He will then consider the "case for the defence", trying to set all this law creation in context.

Jeremy will also consider whether expenditure on law enforcement is out of line with other kinds of expenditure, taking into account the historical context and the issues that governments have to address.

Dr Jeremy Holder's research interests are in history and philosophy of criminal law, and the politics of criminal law reform.