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Gastric Banding and the “Trans-en-abled” Body

Tuesday 26th May, 5-7pm, Ramphal R0.3/4

Dr Sam Murray (Macquarie University) will be giving a paper entitled: “Gastric Banding and the “Trans-en-abled” Body”.

Drawing on her own experience of gastric banding (a surgical weight loss procedure), Dr Murray argues that in the context of the contemporary moral panic surrounding obesity, the massive and rapid weight loss facilitated by gastric banding constitutes a transition from a “wrong” body to a “right” one. Through conceptualising the “banded body” as a “trans-en-abled” embodiment, she aims to problematise the allegedly simple transition that banding offers as a mode of bodily (un)becoming.

There is no charge for this event, and everyone is welcome. The seminar will be followed by a wine reception.

This event follows on from the annual Not Very Far Away Day, hosted by the Centre for the Study for Women and Gender – see for further details.

Please contact Ann Ryan ( if you would like to register for this event. If you require any further information, please contact Karen Throsby (