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Managing for Engagement

Tuesday 26th February 2008, 09:00-16:30, Harper Adams University College 


About the course

Employee engagement has become the new management mantra: everybody wants it. But what is it, and what practical steps can managers take to develop an engaged team? The evidence suggests that an important determinant of an engaged team starts with the way people are managed on a daily basis. There are no “off the peg” solutions to improving levels of engagement, but during this workshop you will find out that there is a great deal that managers can do to raise levels of engagement of their staff. The benefits of having high levels of engagement means that staff are more likely to achieve objectives, more likely to give discretionary effort, more likely to “own” their development and less inclined to take days off.

Who should attend?

First line managers or newly appointed managers who want to supplement previous management training by finding out about this recent management concept and how to apply this knowledge when managing their staff to improve levels of engagement within their teams.

 Course Content 

  • Know what the term “engagement” means, and the benefits that an engaged staff bring to your team and institution?
  • Identifying management behaviours that are shown to have a direct impact on levels of engagement.
  • Identify the extent to which you already use management behaviours proven to have an impact on levels of engagement and identify ways to improve your use of these which include:
    • Defining the right outcomes and clarifying expectations.
    • Effective feedback – What is the purpose of feedback, what do you want to achieve and how to meet your purpose successfully.
    • Find out what the latest research says in support of strengths based feedback and why it is so powerful.
    • Using this knowledge to play to peoples strengths and manage around weaknesses.
    • Manager as coach: Using coaching to release the potential of your team members.

Pre course work

You will be asked to complete a pre course questionnaire. The information will be used to inform debate during the course.

Please see the Event Schedule (Word Document) for more details