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Miscommunicating Public Health: Critical Perspectives from History, Policy, and Practice

This interdisciplinary symposium is concerned with communication in Public Health, particularly in the interplay between research and practice. In particular, this symposium is interested in practices of miscommunication. When does communication become ‘miscommunication’, and according to whom? What are the effects of miscommunication on Public Health practice?

From the perspectives of Public Health and History, we will explore the ways in which knowing and unknowing shape Public Health practice. How does (mis)communication and (un)knowing undermine, subvert or, perhaps, facilitate Public Health interventions?

Confirmed speakers include Dr Kathryn Oliver, who will speak on ‘Messages and messengers in public health: how evidence and stories are used in policymaking’; Dr Rebecca Johnson, who will outline examples of miscommunication in public health practice in ‘lessons from the field’; and Dr Rebecca Williams on policy making in health, focusing on the history of population control in India.

The symposium is intended to present a range of perspectives on the theme of miscommunication in Public Health. The day will provide opportunities to discuss the ‘impact’ of miscommunication, and aspects and purpose of knowledge translation. Finally, we will ask if there is such a thing as ‘ideal’ communication in Public Health and, if so, what might it look like?

To register please contact Dr Rebecca Johnson at Rebecca dot Johnson at warwick dot ac dot uk