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Against Mussolini: Art and the fall of a Dictator

At a Glance
22 September to 19 December 2010
Estorick collection of modern Italian Art, London
Open To:
Adults £5,
Concessions £3.50,
Students and Children Free
Exhibition of art produced in Italy and abroad throughout the Fascist era with focus on Mussolini's fall from power, curated by Professor Stephen Gundle, Department of Film and Television Studies.
Merlyn Evans: The Execution

Whilst several major exhibitions have explored the propaganda imagery of Fascist Italy, art produced by those opposed to Mussolini and his regime has received surprisingly little attention in recent years.

Against Mussolini brings together works produced in Italy and abroad throughout the Fascist era (1922- 43), but focuses particularly on the period immediately after the dictator's fall from power following Italy's disastrous Second World War campaign.

These last tragic years saw the re-emergence of Mussolini as the puppet leader of a Fascist administration in the north of the country - now occupied by German forces - and the onset of a bitter civil war, as the Resistance fought alongside the Allies to restore democracy and liberate Italy from tyranny.

For more information, visit the Estorick Collection website.