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PwC 'Commercial Awareness' and International Internship Opportunities session

PricewaterhouseCoopers will visit campus from 6pm to 8pm on Monday 8 February to host a 'Commercial Awareness' and International Internship Opportunities session. The session will take place in room MS0.1.

The term 'Commercial Awareness' is used widely in recruitment but what does it mean? On one level it is the ability to understand what is going on in the business world and even more importantly how this may affect the industry sector for which you are applying. On another level it could be described as what you may have noticed and experienced whilst undertaking part time employment which can help you understand and explore business issues. At the end of the session we will equip you with starting points for developing strong commercial awareness and provide some guidance on how to apply this both in a selection process and throughout your future career.

The PwC will also introduce International Internship Opportunities and the China Programme. To find out more, please visit:

A networking session will be included after the presentation