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Social Acceptability of Energy-Efficient Appliances in Residential Applications

Thursday 24th April 2008, 10:00-12:00, School of Engineering, Room 401

  • Context

Power electronics systems are mature technologies that can increase the energy-efficiency of electric systems, but adoption by UK consumers for residential application is low. Engineers know little about the social acceptability of the technology and how design might increase market acceptance, while Sociologists interested in consumer behaviour lack the technical expertise. In the frame of an IAS funded study, Dr Annette Muetze (Engineering) and Dr Caroline Wright (Sociology) have linked the two disciplines through a case study of heat pumps using electric motor drives.

  • Aims

This workshop will bring findings from the two disciplines together both for purposes of dissemination and to identify common research themes. Through a series of short presentations and group activities, we will also explore inter-faculty communication and the challenges and benefits of bringing differing terminologies and research cultures together.

  • Participants

We welcome broad participation from departments across the University as well as from Sociology and Engineering.

For catering purposes, please register your interest with: by 21st April 2008