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The Fifth Symposium on Social Learning Space: Knowledge Spaces

Following the success of the previous four Space Symposia, Knowledge Spaces addresses the role of architecture, spatial planning and the use of different spaces in the construction and experience of curricula and pedagogy in Higher Education.

The symposium will address the question of how the spaces we create, occupy and challenge, both within the University and beyond it, affect what and how we know, as well as considering who plays what roles in the process of knowledge creation and communication. In particular, the symposium will explore:

  • the landscapes of learning in Higher Education
  • the use of 'real life' spaces such as urban, public, employment and community settings for the development and enactment of curricula and assessment
  • the relationship between physical classroom spaces and different pedagogical approaches
  • the role of university buildings and curricula in shaping pedagogical and political relations between students and staff

The event offers an exciting and diverse programme of keynote lectures, participatory workshops and an interactive research exhibition.

For more information, and to register for the event see the Reinvention Centre website.

At a Glance
Date: Monday 29 March 2010
Time: All day
Location: Westwood Campus
Open To: Everyone
Cost: £75 (£10 for students)
Summary: This symposium features lectures and workshops on the use of space in institutions of higher education