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The Arts and Artfulness of Creativity

Centre for Cultural Policy Studies Seminar Series

Thursday 8 February at 11:00am

Venue: F1.10 (Located in the School of Engineering Building, opposite the library)

Speaker: Professor Jonothan Neelands and Dr. Joe Winston both teach in the Department of Drama and Theatre Education at Warwick Institute of Education. Jonothan Neelands is also Deputy Director of CAPITAL Centre (Creativity and Performance in Teaching and Learning). They have just completed collaboration on a new research monograph, The Arts and Artfulness of Creativity: a social history of recent ideas and traditions in the English model.

What is creativity? How did the idea or concept emerge as a key term in current debates about education, teaching and learning methods, and even economic and social development?

Through this seminar the speakers will argue that our current conceptions of 'creativity' mirror the dynamics of the ' Third Way' or social market model of New Labour. With specific attention to various Government cultural and education policies, they will point out how the concept of 'creativity' has been reformulated in a way that distances it from any serious reflective and arts-driven activity. They will welcome critical responses to their claims.

Organised by the research students of the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies.