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Warwick's Apprentice 2011

At a Glance
Date: Monday 7 to Friday 11 February 2011
Time: 5pm 7 February to 8pm 11 February
Open To: Staff, Students and Alumni
Cost: Free (registration required)
Summary: Warwick's own Apprentice style competition, sponsored by Accenture.

Warwick Entrepreneurs has launched 'Warwick's Apprentice 2011' sponsored by Accenture

This year Warwick's Apprentice has been redesigned to tap into and unlock your potential. Applicants will be put into groups of 4 (random) and will then compete against the other teams. The competition will be divided into five segments:

  1. Product Development: show us how innovative and creative your product designs can get.
  2. Business Strategy Plan: prove that you can think on business lines.
  3. Marketing: Get creative. Choose appropriate channels of marketing to effective retain your target market's interest.
  4. Pitch: can you effectively manage your product, it's strategy and it's marketing and convince a panel of investors that you're product is a fool proof route to success? If you can sell your product to a panel of 'investors', you're one team away from £1,000.

    Elimination: Following the pitch, only 2 teams will succeed to the final round-The LAUNCH of your product.
  5. The Launch: If you've reached this point, your product is unparalleled in terms of innovation, your strategy is feasible and realistic, your marketing has been creative and effective and your pitch has been convincing. Now, organize a launch party for your product.

Weekend: Wait while we prepare the boardroom. Monday 14th February: A boardroom announcement of the winner. THE HIRED TEAM WINS A 1000 POUNDS!

There will be surprises and unexpected twists and this competition is aimed at how quickly you can deliver, how well you can manage anomalies and how well you work as a team!

Register to take part

For more information, see the Facebook Event Page.