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WIMRC Seminar - Interdependencies of Lean Methods

Thursday 1 November, 12:30. Boardroom 2, IMC.

Florian Aull, who is at Warwick for 10 weeks to conduct some joint research in support of his PhD thesis on Lean Production Methods, will lead this seminar on 'Research into Interdependencies of Lean Methods and an Introduction to Technische Universität München'.

Florian, who holds a Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen, has been conducting research towards a PhD in the field of Production Management and Manufacturing System Design at the Technical University of Munich since September 2003. During this time he has been the business unit manager for the Production Management and Logistics Group and has led multiple international projects mostly concerning the modelling of "Lean Production Systems" and the usage of specific lean production methods, e.g. Kanban and Heijunka.

Florian will provide an overview of his research and also describe some of the activities at the Technical University Munich.

There will be a free buffet lunch after the seminar.

If you wish to attend please confirm by replying to Nick Mallinson at or Siobhan McKeown at