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GRP Nexus meeting–18 November

There is currently considerable national and international interest in the Food/Water/Energy Nexus. The aim of the GRP Nexus meeting is to identify people and partnerships who could be involved in future Nexus applications.

The meeting will be introduced by Fred Dahlmann,Warwick Business School, who was awarded a Nexus Network grant to write a ‘Thinkpiece’ on ‘How can Impact Investing integrate a Nexus Approach?’ There are likely to be funding opportunities in several disciplines – and for multi-disciplinary projects - in the future. Potential opportunities include those offered by the Nexus network.

The meeting is open to all departments across the University and will be held from 4-5.30pm in the central library, ground floor, room 2. If you would like to attend please register here.

If you would like to make a short presentation on the topic at the meeting, please contact Rosemary Collier.


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