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Staff in the Region

Our recent staff Network Day focused on the theme of 'Our Region'. As well as being a great opportunity to find out how different parts of the University work with our region, we asked you to tell us what you're already doing:

As a sports coach and enthusiastic amateur athlete, I'm involved in a range of sporting events in the region. I'm a member of various local clubs and volunteer at a range of events. I also coach occasional lunchtime sessions on campus for colleagues - and have a small informal network of contacts for these sessions.
Catherine Fenn, WMS

I teach Sunday School at a church just north of Coventry in an area with modest educational attainment. I'll be telling the PCC (Parochial Church Council) about FabLab (in the future when FabLab has a mobile version it could use our church hall to engage with the youth in our area).
Helen Anderson, ITS

Got involved in the Ideas Space Challenge? Find out how others support regional engagement and connect with like-minded individuals.


I'm working with local cycling bodies to improve cycling facilities and provision, complementing that by working with the Bicycle Users' Group (BUG) within the University.
James Farnhill, ITS

We already work closely with our sustainability counterparts at Coventry University and at Coventry Council. We have set up a working group and are hoping to hold a wider Go Green Coventry week next spring along with other events."
Judith Kilgallon, Estates


I work as an Outreach Officer for the University of Warwick, therefore most of my work is related to the region. I run a specific programme called 'UniTracks' which works with school pupils from Year 10 (aged 14/15) through to Year 13 from across the wider West Midlands conurbation and from as far afield as Cumbria and East London. In addition, I support my colleagues on the many other programmes that we run, such as:
'Experience Warwick' where we go into schools within Coventry and Warwickshire to deliver sessions designed to help raise aspirations and attainment of the pupils, and helping to overcome the perceived 'barriers' of accessing Warwick as a university.
'Warwick Sutton Scholars' - a programme sponsored by the Sutton Trust to help raise attainment of academically able pupils in years 8-9 (13-14 year olds) which recruits pupils from across the West Midlands region. 'Realising Opportunities' - a national programme that Warwick is a partner in, which recruits Year 12 students from the Coventry & Warwickshire area.
Pathways to Law - another national programme helping to raise aspirations for students interested in Law. For all of these programmes, we also try to engage with parents, who are the key influencer on the young people we work with. We bring them onto campus when we can, again helping to break down some of the perceived barriers to accessing Warwick as a university.
Catherine McNicholl,Outreach and Widening Participation

Coventry Mappa Magnificellaneous

A community project by Mary Courtney, Leverhulme Artist In Residence in the Chemistry Department, to create a new map of Coventry based on the famous Coventry ring road. With support from Prof. Patrick Unwin, Chemistry, and members of the Warwick Electrochemistry Interfaces Group