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New 'Dining Grid' announced

Study spaceFollowing a pilot scheme launched earlier this term, the University has now announced that it is to create increased study space in Rootes in a new 'Dining Grid' which will open in March and will be fully operational by the end of this term. This wifi-enabled multi-functional space will enable students to: heat-up their own food, study individually and in groups, and to book rehearsal space. The space will also be used for additional exam capacity during the peak exam period in the summer term.

'The Dining Grid' is being created in direct response to requests from students for an extra informal study space which is also flexible enough to combine eating and study in a way that enables people to heat their own food not just buy prepared food.

The space is being designed to be as flexible as possible so it can also be used to provide more bookable societies and rehearsal space when it is not being used for other purposes. The mixed use of the space has also enabled additional flexibility to be built into this year’s exam timetable following concerns raised by students.

The area is available Monday-Sunday, 8am-9pm during term 2 and the first two and half weeks of term 3. Owing to private events using the space, the area will not be available between 18-21 February and 3-8 March.

The central open space is available for society rehearsal usage. Please contact Ant Scott in the SU for further information.

Additional quiet study spaces announced

In response to feedback, 250 additional quiet study spaces will be made available during the exam period in Term 3. Read the insite article.