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Behind the scenes: Paul Beaufoy

Our Open Days are a chance for thousands of visitors to get a taste of what it's like to live and study at Warwick.

Find out what's involved from the people who help to make it all happen.

Paul BeaufoyPaul Beaufoy

Senior Events and Enquiries Assistant
Student Recruitment, Outreach and Admissions Service
Role for Open Days: Team Leader in the Ramphal building

My usual job involves...

I work for the Outreach team, supporting in activities to raise aspiration for young people from low social economic backgrounds and provide them with the information they to make an informed choice on their future and Higher Education.

My role for Open Days involves...

Being based in the Ramphal building. This role involves a small team of staff and Warwick Welcome Service ambassadors ensuring people get in and out of their talks in an orderly fashion and controlling the crowed in the foyer. The role (as most roles on the day) involve being friendly and chatty to people and asking them how their day is going.

I really enjoy being involved with...

Everything really! I love meeting the prospective students and their families, hearing about their day, where they’ve travel from and answering their questions about the University. I also really enjoy working with our current student ambassadors, hearing about their experiences at Warwick and how their course is going. Finally, I like meeting the staff from around the University. It’s nice to meet colleagues from around campus, and it’s a great chance to network. I recently attended the open day briefing, and there were so many new faces in the room – so it will be a great opportunity to meet other colleagues from Warwick.

Open Days are special because...

For much of the year I’m based at my desk focusing solely on my work. I love working the open days, because it reminds that my small role contributes to a much bigger picture and ultimately, everyone’s aim - to ensure a great student experience.

Not everyone knows that...

How hard the small team that organises the Open Day work! I sit next to the team (so thought I’d mention them, else run the risk of getting some stick). They work so hard to ensure the day runs smoothly and the visitors go away happy and it really is a testament to them the great feedback we generally get.

My top tip for our visitors

Wear sun cream.

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