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Warwick in California

istock_capitol_building.jpgThe University of Warwick in California is a landmark initiative for our University to explore the exciting opportunity of establishing a Warwick presence in one of the world’s most influential regions. This opportunity has arisen through the generosity and vision of US donors and the University Development Trust a non-profit organization that has had a high-level mission focused on educating and informing the American public.

A huge amount of work has already gone into exploring this opportunity. The University Council has approved the Senate's recommendations, to progress plans to establish academic and student activities, and a physical presence in California. We will now work in partnership with the University Development Trust on phased developments which could ultimately result in a new campus for Warwick in California.

"The vision for the partnership is to produce a full spectrum university, part of the University of Warwick, in California, in around 10 years’ time. And the way that we see this developing is for that campus to be an integral part of this university"
Professor Stuart Croft, Provost

Why California?

The possible benefits of Warwick in California could be enormous. There is a real opportunity to scale new heights of excellence for research impact, outputs and income – extending and accelerating the university’s global reach and reputation.

We would draw on Warwick's 50 years of delivering teaching and research of the highest quality. We would have the potential to facilitate international collaboration and employment opportunities that benefit the entire Warwick community.

"It will provide a boost to our global and US profile which is terribly important for us. Longer term, it will hopefully produce all kinds of ways in which staff can interact in the United States more easily and more extensively. It will also produce all sorts of ways in which students will have extraordinary opportunities extended to them which they would never have had before. That is exciting however you look at it."
Sir George Cox, Chair of Council

In the year we celebrate 50 years of imagining the future, it’s an inspiring message to send out to the world. By exploring this ambitious opportunity we’re imagining – and realising - our own very exciting future.

The project

The first phase of this project aims to develop activities and initial teaching in a small number of postgraduate courses over 2017-21. As the project develops, dedicated teaching facilities would be created and undergraduate students would be admitted across a range of subjects.

This new development will take place in Placer County. Placer County is a leader in the greater Sacramento Region and is one of California’s fastest growing counties, located 80 miles northeast of San Francisco. California is the largest state economy in the US, equivalent to the 8th largest national economy in the world.

"When I first heard about California, I was intrigued. The offer was incredible – "we would like Warwick to take this land, set up a university and do what you like!”
Professor Maureen Freely, Chair of Faculty of Arts

It leads the US in innovation and progressive policies in energy, communication and culture and is the largest and wealthiest consumer market in the States and hosts 35,000 businesses, including a range of major high technology industry clusters.

The University Development Trust is providing the land and funding to take forward the initiative as a result of a donation received from the Angelo K. and Sofia Tsakopoulos Family, William and Claudia Cummings, the Wayne L. Prim Family and more than 40 partners in the Placer 2780 Partnership. 

Get involved...

"We have demonstrated over recent months that we have the professional capabilities to support our academic colleagues in the development of Warwick in California and the quality of this work has been recognised by both the Senate and the Council. We can be confident that we have the people and the skills to make this a success and colleagues from across the institution are excited to do so."
Ken Sloan, Registrar & Chief Operating Officer

To find out more about this great opportunity and what this means for Warwick:

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