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Digital signage: new process

The Digital Signage team will now be changing to Warwick Print from Monday 9 March 2020, being responsible for the development and content management of all centrally managed digital screens campus wide.

There will be a few minor changes in regards to design requests, to allow an easier approach for designing content slides for events and topics you would like to promote on the screens around the University.

Staff will now have the option to choose from multiple free templates to help support design work and produce consistent, high quality slides for all adverts across different departments.

Alternatively, if you do not find a suitable template available, all other design work must meet the Digital Signage content guidelines listed to be considered for submission. All submissions should be sent to the Digital Signage resource account:

Please note: When submitting your advert, please provide dates of when you would like your slide to go live and to finish. We aim to advertise slides for a maximum of 1 week due to high volume of requests.

How the system works:

We advise to give as much notice as possible when submitting your advert for approval (1 week if possible).

Once slides have been uploaded or scheduled to the system, it is important to note that the system refreshes between 12am-4am the next day.

The digital signage team monitor the Global Shared Playlist on the Onelan system; this will display slides on all screens around the University.

Please note: the 'big screen' on the piazza and Oculus Screens are monitored by a different team. For these, please contact

How to design and submit your request:

If you're a staff member, you are now able to select a free design template to create your own sign and promote it via the screens around campus. To do this you must log in via the Warwick Print store and select 'Digital Screen Templates' on the left hand side column. You will then be able to choose from 15 different templates available, suitable for the different themes around the year.

Once you have decided on your template, select 'order now' and it will allow you to simply edit the title, a description and add a link to your slide if one is available. A Go.Warwick link is recommended if possible, (please note this can take up to 5 working days to request) as it will be much more accessible to our visual audience.

When the order has been finalised, remember to add a job name on the left hand side to identify what your request is for and select 'Add to cart'. This will then take you to a preview screen; once happy, select 'Add to cart' again and proceed to checkout. Please note a cost code will be required to complete your request, however, this still remains a free service to all employees.

Once submitted, a download link will become available (to view your downloads, you can look at the 'my downloads' option on the top right menu of your screen). Please send your download to the Digital Signage resource account:


Any students or societies interested in submitting an advert should follow the content guidelines. If there are any problems with the design, the digital signage team will be able to support with a template.

If you would like to submit a design or have an enquiry, please email

If you have a technical enquiry, please contact AV support.

To submit an advert for our university landscape screens, please contact
To submit content for our university Big Screen Piazza or the Oculus screens, please contact