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Future Foodscapes: Grow Warwick

Future Foodscapes: Grow Warwick is a pilot project to harness the arts to encourage changes in attitude towards food, encourage questions and propose innovative propositions for local food production in the West Midlands. On Thursday 17 October 2013 between 11am and 4pm there will be a series of installations in areas around the Piazza and the Warwick Arts Centre and in the Writers’ Room, Millburn House. Pop along and find out more!

About Future Foodscapes: Grow Warwick

Future Foodscapes is an interdisciplinary collaboration connected to the Food Global Research Priority, which harnesses the arts to imagine what ‘growing local’ might mean in in the West Midlands in central England.

It proposes imaginative ways to increase public knowledge about how our food is produced and to encourage changes in attitudes and behaviour around issues of food.

Using the University of Warwick as a possible model of a community where people live and work, a series of performance installations created by Warwick students and staff, artists, and community volunteers will ask questions about and suggest innovative propositions for local food production and consumption in the West Midlands.

View the event flyer.