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New Guest Wi-Fi service

IT Services have launched a new Guest Wi-Fi service for short-term visitors to campus. This is particularly useful for non-academic visitors to campus who didn't previously have any Wi-Fi options at all beyond those available in Conference Centres.

The system has a simple sign-up process. Once a visitor has connected to the Warwick Guest network, they'll be asked to provide a mobile phone number that we can text login details too, along with a reason for their visit. It's the same kind of system you may have used at airports, shopping centres and restaurants.

The existing Conferences Wi-Fi service will be permanently switched off on Tuesday 16 September 2014. If you're thinking of running an event with external visitors, please use the new service. Those who have created accounts on the Conferences Wi-Fi service should keep the switch off date in mind.

Staff, Students and Academic Visitors

Just to be clear: if you're a Warwick member, please log in using hotspot-secure as usual, don't use the guest service. Academic Visitors can still use the Eduroam service.

More About Warwick's Wi-Fi Services

For more information, see:

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If you have any questions, please email David Adebola at