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Welcome to Ken Sloan: New Registrar

Ken Sloan, RegistrarWelcome to Ken Sloan who takes up the role of University Registrar today, Monday 6 February.

Ken first joined Warwick in 1997 as a Schools Liaison Officer. He then served in a number of roles in a variety of departments, including the Vice-Chancellor’s Office; the then Personnel Office; the Academic Office; with the planning team; as Director of the Student Recruitment and Admissions Office; as Corporate Director of the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth; as Director of Campus Affairs (through which he launched the International Gateway for Gifted Youth) before his appointment as Deputy Registrar in February 2008. Ken was also a member of the University’s Residential Team, and undertook and completed a Distance Learning MBA at Warwick Business School.

He left Warwick in September 2010 to take up the position of Director for Universities and Higher Education for international services company SERCO with responsibility for broadening and strengthening the company's relationship with universities and related organisations.

There will be a number of opportunities for members of the University to meet with Ken over the forthcoming weeks and months. Information will be shared with colleagues in due course.

Visit the Registrar's website.