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Staff Mobile Phones: Update

Vodafone have carried out some work to improve the level of connectivity for staff mobile phones on campus. IT Services have seen an improvement in connections following this, but recognise that when students return at the start of next term the problems may recur due to the extra load on the Vodafone network.

We've requested that Vodafone carry out more work to improve staff mobile phone connections, and Vodafone have told us that this will happen next year.

If you're still having problems

In the meantime, if you're having any connectivity problems, the following workaround may help you:

Switch your device to '2G only'. This will allow all devices to make and receive calls/texts/emails successfully, although internet browsing and downloading may slightly take longer. For iPhone 4S/5 please follow the instructions below:

iPhone 4S:

Settings > General > Network > Toggle off 3G

iPhone 5:

Settings > Cellular (or may say Mobile) > Toggle off 3G

If you are still experiencing problems with your mobile please report this via the online ITS Help Desk or telephone 024 765 73737.