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Monash-Warwick Alliance honorary appointments scheme

Monash and Warwick are launching a Monash-Warwick honorary appointments scheme, as part of the Monash-Warwick Alliance, that aims to facilitate academic collaboration.

The benefits of these honorary appointments include official recognition of collaborative work that contributes to Monash-Warwick Alliance objectives and membership of the partner university’s community. Staff will be able to take advantage of a visiting academic staff card and access the library and email facilities at both universities.

Professor Andrew Coats, Academic Vice-President for the Monash-Warwick Alliance said:

The success of the Alliance depends on developing strong links between our academic communities and both universities are delighted to recognise the established collaborative activities of these individuals with Alliance appointments.”

Professor David Haddleton from Warwick describes his experience as a Monash adjunct:

The adjunct status at Monash allows me complete freedom of access to all facilities whilst at Monash and an acceptance as a colleague as opposed to a visitor. This is proving remarkably successful and is a really refreshing experience.”

All academic staff who are actively involved in established collaborative work between Monash and Warwick are eligible to be considered for a named honorary appointment. Nominations should identify that a named Monash-Warwick appointment is being sought. Please note that this scheme is based on standard HR procedures which result in adjunct appointments at Monash for Warwick staff and honorary appointments at Warwick for Monash staff.

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The Monash-Warwick Alliance offers a new model for research-led institutions to meet the global challenges of the 21st century. By accelerating the exchange of people, ideas and information and exploiting the opportunities offered by the geography of the two institutions in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa, it intends to create a new approach to global higher education.

A key aim of the Alliance is to help meet the increasing student, industry and government demand for universities to produce graduates with a global education, and to undertake research that addresses world-relevant and strategically important problems.

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