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Pay update: August 2018

As you may be aware, the University negotiates pay nationally through our Employer Association, UCEA, which in turn negotiates centrally with the trades unions operating across Higher Education.

The current pay year began on 1 August 2018 without an agreement or any realistic chance of an agreement in the short to medium term. UCEA wrote to participating employers two weeks ago, advising us that it regarded the pay round as closed and advising us to implement the final offer made by employers as soon as possible. The University is following this advice and will be paying the national uplift with this month’s salary. You can find details of the new spinal points on the national pay framework online; the increase across the board is 2% save for those on spinal points 4 to 15, for whom there is a slightly higher increase.

Please check your payslips when you receive them later this week and if you have any queries please contact your HR Adviser in the first instance.