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Supporting our international community

With a new academic year rapidly approaching, it is deeply saddening to see the desperate situation that so many refugees are facing. The images and stories which we have all seen have been heartbreaking.

Warwick is a global university with an international community of staff and students. The University and Students’ Union are both absolutely committed to playing a role in welcoming refugees. Our students have already been vocal in expressing solidarity and together we will look to see how we can assist our local communities across Coventry and Warwickshire.

Our multi-faith chaplaincy does wonderful work alongside students who are either affected by crises or who want to help with fundraising, as in the case of the Nepal earthquake earlier this year. The University and Students’ Union will work alongside them to provide information and assistance for those who have been affected by the refugee crisis – since many of our community will have been affected directly.

Indeed, some of our friends in the Warwick community are here because this country welcomed them when they needed support. We must continue this tradition, for refugees can – and do – become leaders, be it in medicine, academia, politics and more.

We strongly believe that we have an inherent responsibility to try to shape a more accepting society, and will never neglect that responsibility. We will work unstintingly to support those who need a welcoming hand in this very difficult time, and we will update the Warwick staff and student community with further developments on this work.

Professor Sir Nigel Thrift
Vice-Chancellor of The University of Warwick
Isaac Leigh
Warwick Students’ Union President

If you would like to make any toiletry donations on campus to send to newly arrived refugees in Greece, you can find out more here.