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New energy-related behaviour change research project

A project, funded by the Government and Honeywell Building Solutions, involving Warwick Business School, the Estates Office, the Communications Office and Honeywell has started at Warwick. The project will see these groups working together to research and produce a new Honeywell service for use in public buildings that will encourage people to cut down their energy use and influence their environmental behaviour in positive ways.

Warwick's own campus, staff and students will act as a laboratory for the research aspects of the project, with new ideas and initiatives tested on various buildings and groups of people. This work will be led by a WBS KTP Associate, Jiwei Zheng.

Jiwei said:

"I'm happy to be part of a project that’s as innovative and different as this. I hope that, by working together, we can develop something that has a really positive impact on environmental behaviour not just at Warwick, but across the whole UK."

The project receives 50% of its funding through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) initiative – a fund set up to encourage Universities to pass their knowledge on to businesses with the goal of developing new products for people to use. The other 50% is provided by Honeywell.

For more information on Warwick's environmental work, see: