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Weather Damage - Buildings Closed

Update (Friday 19 January)

Thorough safety checks have been carried out this morning. The Library will be open from 10am, Library road is open now, as is Café Library. The roof has been made safe, with the exception of the side facing Humanities, so the walkway between Humanities and the Library remains closed until 10am.

Owing to damage caused by today's high wind a number of buildings on campus have been closed: the Library and  the Westwood Games Hall.  Rootes Residences D to H Entrance has also been closed - please use alternative entrances.

Library Road has been closed because of a potential health and safety issue caused by flying debris. (However University members can still collect cars parked on Library Road).

Library & Library Road: Small parts of the Library roof are being blown off.

Rootes Residences: The entrance to D-H has a panel hanging off above the doors - please use alternative entrances.

Westwood Games Hall: Lights have fallen down inside the hall, one roof light has fallen into the hall and one roof light has disappeared.

No injuries have been caused and damage will be assessed when the wind drops.

The wind is not forecast to drop during daylight today - and the safety of the buildings will be assessed first thing tomorrow morning.  Those buildings that are closed will remain so until tomorrow's safety check.

The Estates Office is arranging for repairs to be made once the wind has dropped and the full damage has been assessed. 

Thu 18 Jan 2007, 15:43