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New Heads for Warwick’s Education Centres

Following a recent consultation and review, a reorganisation of the discipline of Education at Warwick has led to the creation of two new Centres designed to transform research and teaching: the Centre for Education Studies and the Centre for Professional Education. During this transition, the Institute of Education will continue to operate in parallel with the two Centres.

Read on for a profile of the two new Heads of the Centres – Ian Abbott and Adam Boddison.

Ian Abbott – Interim Head of the Centre for Education Studies

Formerly Director of Warwick’s Institute of Education, Ian Abbott is an experienced researcher and teacher. He has substantial teaching and leadership experience in schools and higher education and has developed extensive links with a number of external organisations including Teaching Leaders and The Prince’s Teaching Institute. His research interests include Education Policy, Education Leadership and Initial Teacher Education. He has recently completed externally funded research projects on governance in Academy schools and the use of the Pupil Premium in ‘Outstanding’ schools. Ian has published widely and his most recent book, Education Policy, based on a series of interviews with former Secretaries of State for Education, provides an insight and appraisal of English education policy.

Ian is leading a team committed to develop new approaches to research and teaching and new research areas that build on existing strengths.

Adam Boddison - Interim Head of Initial Teacher Education

Adam Boddison is an innovative education consultant with a range of experience both inside and outside the classroom. Within the area of mathematics, Adam has worked with a range of organisations both in the UK and overseas to support teaching, learning and innovation, including the International Gateway for Gifted Youth (IGGY), Creative Partnerships (CP) and a range of others. Adam was a mathematics teacher at Finham Park School in Coventry and has also held roles as Mathematics Advisor for the National Challenge Programme and Lead Practitioner for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. He has also written a book for maths teachers and students entitled The Maths behind the Magic. Adam is the Course Director for the teacher training element of the Warwick in Africa Project, which provides Maths and English support for teachers in Africa.

In his current role, Adam is leading Warwick's Centre for Professional Education in its founding stages and building a bespoke and innovative model of education that both staff and students will be proud of.

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The Centre for Education Studies

The Centre will continue the strong research and teaching record of Education at Warwick whilst developing new approaches and research areas to develop its international reputation for high quality research and teaching.

The Centre for Professional Education

The Centre will develop global opportunities for bespoke professional development whilst continuing to build on its achievements in Initial Teacher Education.

Shared Services, Institute of Education

The Institute of Education will continue to operate in parallel to the two new centres over the forthcoming year, providing support to both areas.