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My Warwick Life: Stuart Jennings

Stuart JenninsThe My Warwick Life feature gives an insight into staff and students’ lives at Warwick, considering both their work and social life on campus. This week we hear from the Reverend Dr Stuart Jennings, the University's Free Church Chaplain.

There is no such thing as a typical day but in an nutshell my job involves..

being an unrushed, listening and available presence for both students and staff to whom, in confidence, they can talk through their hopes, fears, pressures and plans. On any given day this will involve being seen across the campus, having space in my timetable to offer pastoral support when asked, and occasionally organising or attending events across the campus which facilitate continued dialogue and understanding amongst people of faith and no-faith. As chaplains we seek to offer a complementary module of working and reflecting to what is often a very busy, active and, at times, goal orientated university community.

I had a really useful meeting recently with..

the whole chaplaincy team and representatives from the university about a review of the chaplaincy provisions and ways in which our award-winning facilities can be further extended and developed to keep us at the forefront of multi-faith working.

It would be useful to work more closely with..

the wider faith communities of Coventry (I am already a trustee of Coventry Multi-Faith Forum) and broader community associations developing and strengthening the links already established between the University and the city.

I recently spoke at the World Conference of University and College Chaplains..

held at Yale University, about the excellent Warwick module of seeking to provide for the religious and cultural needs of both students and staff and facilitating friendly and informative conversations between people of faith and no faith.

At the moment I am really enjoying being an active worker on..

peace and reconciliation projects, especially in the Middle East. Having just returned from a three month sabbatical in the West Bank (based in Beit Sahor), I am now working on a volunteer scheme for students entitled 'Summer of Service'.

Warwick is unique because..

it is an international campus of good will, reflection and tolerance where the quest for truth (at all levels) is encouraged and facilitated. The visitors book at our home has been signed by students from over 25 different countries. Where else in the UK can one get such an international experience without having to cross the seas?

The best thing about working at Warwick is..

the students and staff, who in their quests for greater knowledge about the world and its cultures continue to challenge and inspire me.

If I could change one thing about the University it would be..

probably a wider selection of food outlets to reflect the diversity of the campus community and offer a greater choice.

I recently went to the Arts Centre to watch..

The Lady, a Homage to Sandy Denny.

I am a regular user of the Sports Centre for..

visiting those who have injured themselves trying to keep fit! My physical activities are limited to cycling I am afraid.

I recently had a meal at..

Yale University Dinning hall that was not too disimilar to the fictional dining room of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books for children (of all

I usually travel to campus by..

cycle, which is a daily round trip of six miles.

I am really glad I got involved with..

The Holy Land Trust, Pax Christi and Bethlehem Bible College over my sabbatical in the Spring Term, working on projects that seek to bring understanding and contact between Palestinians and Israelis.

I haven't yet used my Warwick learning vouchers because..

I have, over the past 6 years, tended to teach on many Open Study modules rather than attend any, but I will hopefully redress this over the coming years.


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