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Pitch Bookings 2017

Lakeside Cricket Pitch is booked every Tuesday and Thursday 5pm-9pm for Warwick Active Interdepartmental Cricket
The following fixtures are confirmed:

Date Day Month Home Team Away Team Notes
25 Tuesday April WMG CHEM  
27 Thursday April Allstars Staff&PG Check staff havent already booked a pitch
2 Tuesday May MED ITS  
4 Thursday May UWM WMG  
9 Tuesday May CHEM UWM  
11 Thursday May WMG MED  
16 Tuesday May ITS UWM  
18 Thursday May MED CHEM  
23 Tuesday May UWM MED  
25 Thursday May CHEM ITS  
30 Tuesday May CHEM WMG TBC Premier League
1 Thursday June UWM ITS TBC Premier League
6 Tuesday June ITS MED  
8 Thursday June WMG UWM  
13 Tuesday June UWM CHEM  
15 Thursday June MED WMG  
20 Tuesday June WMG ITS  
22 Thursday June CHEM MED  
27 Tuesday June ITS CHEM  
29 Thursday June MED UWM  
4 Tuesday July ITS WMG  
6 Thursday July Allstars Staff&PG Check staff havent already booked a pitch
11 Tuesday July      
13 Thursday July ITS Walsgrave  
18 Tuesday July ITS ITS  
20 Thursday July ALLSTARS Staff&PG Provisional
25 Tuesday July ITS Warwick Nomads  
27 Thursday July ITS Rainbow  
1 Tuesday August ITS ITS  
3 Thursday August CV Sixers ITS  
8 Tuesday August      
10 Thursday August Staff&PG Friendly Staff&PG Agreed with Dani
15 Tuesday August      
17 Thursday August Allstars Staff&PG Agreed with Dani/Lincoln
22 Tuesday August      
24 Thursday August      
29 Tuesday August CV Sixers ITS  
31 Thursday August