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Financial plan

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply only for the minimum level of funding they need to carry out the project, rather than to apply automatically for the maximum potentially available, particularly in view of the prevailing financial situation.

The proposal accompanying your application form must include a full financial plan for your project. This should give a detailed breakdown of your estimated costs, e.g.:

  • travel;
  • accommodation;
  • subsistence (food and other living costs);
  • visas;
  • insurance - all applicants proposing to leave the country must investigate travel insurance options;
  • entrance fees relevant to your project (e.g., museum entrance fees); and
  • all other anticipated project costs.

The financial plan should also show any other funding either awarded or applied for, including funds you intend to contribute yourself.

Please do not include extensive print-offs from websites (include a web address/url if it supports your proposal).

Successful applicants will be expected to submit receipts and a final budget with their completed project reports.

Remember - you need to apply online, include a project proposal, financial plan and provide a reference

Contact the Committee for advice. They're happy to help!