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Project proposals

A project proposal accompanying the application form should address the following issues:

  1. Background and objectives of the proposed project.
  2. Proposed methodology.
  3. Personal skills and qualities which the applicant possesses which are relevant to the carrying out of the project.
  4. Provisional itinerary or time-plan.
  5. Details of provisional and firm contacts.
  6. Clear evidence that thought has been give to the final report and the form this might take.
  7. Benefits which may be expected to accrue to the participants, the University and the community.
  8. Any ethical considerations
  9. Risks or hazards which may be associated with the particular project being proposed (i.e. health issues, dangerous materials, political instability of proposed country).

The proposal should not be longer than 8 pages (A4) and must include a financial plan. Please do not include extensive print-offs from websites (include a web address/url if it supports your proposal) or copies of whole scripts for plays or films.

You should consider within your proposal what you hope to gain from the project in terms of personal development. If your project includes an element of research, you will also be expected to demonstrate that you have carefully considered your research methods.


Remember - you need to apply online, include a project proposal, financial plan and provide a reference

Contact the Committee for advice. They're happy to help!