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Project proposals

Your project proposal should be submitted with your application form and should cover the following sections:

  1. Name of project
  2. Details of the project leader and/or team including the a summary of the personal skills and attritbutes that the applicant(s) have which are relevant to carrying out the project
  3. Background and main objectives of the proposed project
  4. Your proposed methodology
  5. Outline how your project may be affected by the COV19 pandemic and your contingency plans
  6. Outline any other risks or hazards which may be associated with your project
  7. Outline any sustainability/environmental considerations related to your project
  8. Outline any ethical considerations related to your project
  9. Provisional timeline for the project
  10. Details of any work undertaken on the project so far
  11. Outline the main benefits of the project for the participants, the University and the community

The proposal should not be longer than 6 pages (A4) and must include a financial plan. Please do not include extensive attachments/appendices.

You should consider within your proposal what you hope to gain from the project in terms of personal development. If your project includes an element of research, you will also be expected to demonstrate that you have carefully considered your research methods.


Remember - you need to apply online, include a project proposal, financial plan and provide a reference