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A reference from a member of University staff (e.g. personal tutor) should be submitted directly to the Fund Secretary by the deadline.

It is the student's responsibility to approach their referee and request that the reference be sent.

The referee should be someone with whom the applicant has discussed the project, who is in a position to evaluate and make a recommendation to the Committee about its feasibility and merit. Only one reference is necessary for groups of students, although additional positive references and letters of support will also be considered by the Committee.

Other points for referees to consider:

  • what you know about the student or group, especially any personal or organisational characteristics which make them a good candidate for carrying out an independent project;
  • the student's (or group of students') interest in the project;
  • why you recommend that the student/group is given funding;
  • how you think carrying out the project will contribute to the student's/group's personal development;
  • likelihood that the student/group will complete the project successfully, including producing a satisfactory report;
  • confirmation that the project is not a required element or related to an assessed part of the applicant's course (as per section 1d) of the Fund Regulations).

Remember - you need to apply online, include a project proposal, financial plan and provide a reference.