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Current Reports: 2013

Fourteen projects were awarded funding by the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund Committee in 2013. For group projects, the lead applicant only is listed:

  • Zeinb Agha: Shoot from the Lip - report not yet submitted
  • James Christen: The Whissile: Designing and Building a Small Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engine (PDF Document) interim report
  • Jamie Goodhart: Fresh Footsteps in Antarctica (PDF Document) report
  • John Halpin: The Cycling Physicist Road Show: A Science Outreach Project (PDF Document) report
  • Emilia Halton-Hernandez: Don Juan: The Life of a Spanish Oidor in Colombia (PDF Document) report
  • Sam Jenkins: Drawing Back the Iron Curtain: Memory and Legacy from Szczecin to Trieste (PDF Document) report
  • David Levesley: The House Beautiful - A Play for Edinburgh 2013 (PDF Document) report
  • Luke Parry: World Rickshaw Taxi (PDF Document) report
  • Tobias Pforr: Exploring Europe's supposed North-South Divide along the "Dream Path" from Munich to Venice (PDF Document) report
  • Krzysztof Siczek: Lourdes, the Pyrenees and the Camino de Santiago - An exploration of the meaning of a pilgrimage in the 21st century (PDF Document) report
  • Aiesha Sriram: Coloured Cuisine: Origins and Influences (PDF Document) report
  • Elliot Walker: Climbing the Limestone Cliffs of South East Asia and China (PDF Document) report
  • James Warner Smith: Canoeing the Continent: 3000 miles from the Atlantic to the Black Sea (PDF Document) report
  • Louis Waterman-Evans: Following the steps of Pheidippides. A journey to Sparta in search of the reasons people run marathons and beyond (PDF Document) report