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Lord Rootes Memorial Fund Projects: 2004

Fifteen projects received funding from the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund in 2004:

  • Religion in the Concrete Age: Mongolian Buddhism After Communism
  • Tour of Settlements in Northern India: Assisting in Schools, Researching Politics and Religion
  • Folk Tales: Edinburgh 2004
  • Shakesperiencing Hamlet
  • The Hebrides - A Unique Island Culture
  • A proposal to film the effectiveness of conservational measures in the diverse and ecologically rich terrain of Hawaii, the big island, through three contrasting routes
  • Two Shorten the Road: The Collection of Eastern European Literature
  • Coast to Coast: a Charity Trek across Mexico
  • Film 'The Limes'
  • HIV/AIDs Awareness in Botswana: sex, religion and stigma
  • Close the Door Open, Edinburgh 2004
  • The Beat Generation: Naked Angels and the Forgotten Beauty of Beat America
  • 'Eros Will' - A play by Robyn Smith
  • The New Demand of the Consumer: Traditional Textiles from 'Kutch', Gujerat in 2004
  • The Tell-Tale Heart, Edinburgh 2004