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Project Summary

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Project: Present Perspectives of Travel & Tourism in Sri Lanka




Who are we? Our names are Frances and Julie and we are two friends who graduated this summer (2006) having studied Biology with intercalated year. We designed and researched a project about travel & tourism in Sri Lanka and were granted funding by The University Of Warwick Lord Rootes Memorial Fund Committee to carry it out over the summer 2006.


Welcome to our website about our experiences in Sri Lanka. This website is the major component of our project report. We aim to convey our own experiences and summarise our project findings. In addition we hope this website will be informative, helpful and encouraging to those considering experiencing Sri Lanka for themselves. (Scroll down this page for website features or use the navigation bar on the left).

Project Summary & Methodology: Sri Lanka is an island rich in natural beauty and cultural diversity and therefore a popular destination with tourists and travellers. However since the 2004 Tsunami , tourism has dropped with many holiday makers not returning, despite much of the island being unaffected and some affected areas being re-developed, in some cases to higher standards than previously. Many peoples' income is dependant on the tourist industry and there is a great need for tourists to continue to visit. See Sri Lanka Tourism in the News.

This project was to explore travel and tourism along the south west coast, at several previously popular tourist resorts and sites of interest. A range of tourist perspectives were obtained through surveying tourists at resorts and sites as well as interviews with those involved in the tourism industry. We came into contact with a wide range of different types of tourists, from those there for luxury holidays to those there as volunteers and NGOs and to those who liked it so much they had set up business and home there. In addition to carrying out surveys, we spent time enjoying the tourist attractions and seeing sites, but also became involved in a volunteer project and so can especially comment on life as a 'volunteer tourist'. Our own experiences as travellers there also gives an insight into what it is like to visit Sri Lanka. The best outcome for this project would be for us to be in a position to promote Sri Lanka as a tourist destination and thus encourage others to visit. We aim to achieve this through producing this website encompassing our experiences and findings.

Inspiration: The idea for this project came largely from hearing about the experiences of Julie's sisters during their visit to Sri Lanka as independent volunteers in August 2005, helping build temporary shelters after the tsunami. What stood out to me was what a worthwhile activity they and the many other volunteers were taking part in, how great the need was and what a beautiful, exciting destination Sri Lanka is to visit. What made Sri Lanka stand out as the place to conduct a project, was the major economical crisis it would face if tourists failed to return. Additionally both Frances and myself were interested in the cultural differences and natural beauty of Asia and were fascinated by talking with friends from that part of the world.

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Website Features:

Home Page

Project summary- you are here!

Sri Lankan Tourism in the news- Sri Lanka depends on tourism.

Project Findings-The status of Travel & Tourism in Sri Lanka as we experienced it.

Tourist information-Find out useful information we gathered during our stay, about places to stay, to eat, sites to visit, volunteering etc.

Volunteering - Find out who we volunteered for, and see some photos.

Tsunami Focus- How Sri Lanka was affected.

Sri Lankan Arts- Cultural activities & arts we experienced.

Food- Local Sri Lankan cuisine.

Travel Blog- Catch up on our experiences by reading our personal diaries!

Photo and Video Gallery- See our experiences in Sri Lanka.

Wish list- The things we wished we had time for.

Conclusions- Summarised findings & concluding remarks

Contact Us - Have your say. Anything you would like to say/ enquire about. We will endeavour to add any comments to the website.

Acknowledgements- Thank you to all those who made our incredible experiences possible & contributed to the project.