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Tourist Information

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 General Tourist Information

Please allow a few moments for this page to load as there are lots of  photos! 

  Before we visited Sri Lanka we found it very useful to read several guide books to help give us an idea of where we wanted to stay and what we wanted to go and see.  

  We found the Lonely planet guide book very useful as was 'The Rough Guide to Sri Lanka'.


We also found the following websites very useful: 

Volunteer Information                                                      

VolunteeringSee the Volunteering page for information about our experiences volunteering in Sri Lanka and some general information.





General Information From Our Own Experience as Tourists!

  Hikkaduwa is marked in red on the SW coast.


Places to stay

We can really only comment on a few places to stay from direct experience. 

Coral Sands 

We spent our first two nights in Hikkaduwa in the 3* hotel Coral Sands.  We felt that staying in a decent hotel for a couple of nights would be the best way to ease into life in Sri Lanka, deal with culture shock and get over jet lag!  Once we made ourselves at home in our room, the hotel was fine, with hot water in the showers! Initially there were few other tourists staying at the hotel, although numbers certainly increased during our month in Hikkaduwa.  For breakfast there was an extensive choice of things.  At dinners the food was good, although seemed to have a funny taste to us!  There was certainly plenty of food, with three courses and a chef who came around to see how it went down!  In our opinion the best thing about the hotel were its two swimming pools, which although small, were great to cool off in and the fact that the hotel sat on the beach! 

Website for Coral Sands hotel:


Neela's Guest House  

For the remainder of our time in Sri Lanka we rented a room in Neela's Guest house, which had been recommended to us by Julie's sisters.  Moving to Neela's was a great move, as it felt as though we were more settled and independent than in the hotel.  For instance it was great to choose what you wanted for dinner and when!  The room had everything we needed and was nice and homely. The owners remembered my sisters and made us feel very welcome and were always about if we needed something- such as cockroach removal services!  Photos below are of Neela's, from the outside, and inside with its familiar pink mosquito net!

  Neela's Guest house       Inside Neela's     Julie in Neela's


Bentota Beach Hotel

We did not actually stay in the Bentota Beach Hotel but spent a couple of afternoons there, using their pool and dining facilities.  This hotel was really gorgeous, it was obviously more expensive than where we were staying, as using their pool cost only 100 rupees less than our room for the night. But if you are looking for a luxurious, relaxing stay and to see Sri Lanka in style, then this is the kind of place for you!  Staying in a resort like this means you can experience as much or as little of local culture as you wish. For instance those not wishing to walk the few minutes into the bustling Bentota town centre can stroll down the hotel's very own arcade of souvenir shops etc- completely hastle free! However, as I said the town is very close and additionally there are many tuktuks waiting at the hotel's entrance ready to take you there for inflated prices!  While we wouldn't change our own experiences, we really enjoyed taking a break from the sometimes intense interaction with local culture to relax and become invisible as just another tourist!  The pool and hotel grounds were amazing as well, as was the stylish inside of the hotel, even the toilets! The hotel was guarded, and had a great beach front entrance. The photos below were taken in and around this hotel.

Bentota Beach Hotel   Pool   In the grounds         

           -                                  Hotel grounds           Hotel Grounds            


In the pool  Inside   in the water



Other Hotels in Bentota

 Walking along the beach, we came across several other large rather nice looking hotels, one at the end of the beach showing the contrast of the lavish hotel and the local seller's beach shack.

                                      Hotel in Bentota          Hotels in Bentota


Kandy Hotel

We were lucky enough to have a hotel room arranged for us by a friend in Kandy.  It is probably very difficult to book a room in Kandy at the time of the Perahera, so we would advise booking well in advance especially for the more upmarket hotels where you could check out the websites before you left home. In Kandy the weather can be a bit cooler so it many be nice to have hot water- our hotel room in Sky View Hotel did- it was quite nice after several weeks of cools showers! The hotel served did food on request but there are plenty of places to eat in the centre of Kandy-look out for local roti shops- rotis are a filling tasty snack!

                                           Taking tea on the balcony at Sky View Hotel                   Our room in Sky View


Places to Eat

There are plenty of places to eat in Hikkaduwa- you could eat in a different place each night if you wanted to. The sides of Galle roads are packed with restaurant after restaurant!  This is what partly makes Hikkaduwa a nice place to be based, as there is so much choice in really easy reach!  When we were feeling lazy we could even pop next door from Neela's to Rita's, and came to love the toasted sandwiches there (jaffels).  For more information about food see the Food page.

 Hotel Francis  Pizza!  At Rita's


 Places to visit

Except for the four nights we spent in Kandy we stayed in Hikkaduwa, so did not travel more than an hour by bus or tuktuk when visiting sites.  Sri Lanka has a wonderful selection of beaches (see pics) complete with lots of sand crabs! they sound quite creepy buy you soon get used to them. Out of season the sea can be quite rough and not very safe for swimming. 

Hikkaduwa- Has many attractions such as: Beaches, diving, a lagoon, temples and shops etc. We visited the Lagoon near Hikkaduwa- this was a very relaxing trip as we were rowed around the edge of the lagoon for a couple of hours in a catamaran, bird spotting. At sunset the views over the water were amazing and the birds started to come to life- we saw many Cormorants dive bombing to catch fish.

The beach at Hikkaduwa
Hikkaduwa Beach
                The Beach                   Drinking from a king coconut!         


Lagoon Trip- Near Hikkaduwa


                   Lagoon trip   Sky   Inside Buddhist Temple

     Reflections     Figures in the temple     Temple    A Buddha 


Unawatuna- We found Unawatuna a very beautiful place with a lovely beach that was more suited for swimming out of season.  There is also a temple just up some steps from the beach, if you get restless from all the beach relaxation!

                         Unawatuna Beach         Temple at Unawatuna       The View 


We also visited a turtle Hatchery near Unawatuna where the guide told us in surprisingly good English about the seven different types of turtle.

                                  More Baby Sea Turtles!                      Sea Turtle



We visited Bentota a couple of times, once to go the the beach and the second time to go on a boat trip up the Bentota river. The beach at Bentota is lined with many expensive looking hotels, but there is more sand than at Hikkaduwa and it was pleasant to walk along the beach and then cool off in one of the hotel pools.

                                  Bentota Beach                 Bentota                Bentota Town at Sunset



(Galle is situated south along the coast from Hikkaduwa)- a very interesting town with a good selection of Old Dutch buildings, quirky museums and the Old Fort to explore complete with a light house and clock tower. The town is also quite interesting, full of sari shops etc.. The cinema in Galle is worth a visit- just to be able tell your friends that you have been to an Asian cinema.


                  Old Galle              Galle              Stained glass window               Galle Town 



From Kandy we visited Pinnewala elephant orphanage, Sigiryia Rock and Nurwara Eliya. In Kandy we explored  the botanical gardens and visited the Temple of the Tooth.

Around Kandy

Temple of The Tooth Grounds  Around the Temple   Julie sitting on the elephant!!

Kandy   Kandy  Kandy Botanical Gardens

 Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage  

Frances and elephants!      Sleepy Elephant!

Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriya Rock                The View from the top of Sigiriya Rock

      Monkeys halfway up Sigiriya   Paintings on the side of Sigiriya Rock

Nuwara Eliya -We went round a tea plantation factory and sampled the tea. 

At a Tea Plantation



The Pera Hera

We planned our whole trip around the dates that the festival was taking place- it was well worth the visit!! Although visiting the South West of the Island in July/August was out of season and it was the monsoon period we still had a great time.

The Perahera in Kandy is called the Esala Perahera. It is often described as the most important and spectacular festival in Sri Lanka. It occurs for 10 days during July/August (Esala) and ends on the Nikki full moon. The procession ends on the 10th night with a replica of the Buddha's Tooth being paraded through the streets on an elephant.

An elephant at the Perahera  Perahera  Lights!      

                                     Lights!   Perahera                                         


Recommendations- bring a small radio to experience music!

We tried to pack for every eventuality but found that this was not actually necessary as most things could be purchased there even marmite! Although a good supply of medication is a necessity! especially some anti-histamine cream for any nasty mozzy bites.

We also found a length of string very useful- not all guest houses will come with a mosquito net or a place to hang it so if you take some hooks and a length of string you can usually improvise. Clothes pegs would also be useful as was a vanish bar and a tube of travel wash. Its so dusty that you get dirty really quickly! Rechargeable batteries and a battery charger were also invaluable. A torch was a necessity due to the frequent power cuts- the streets were also quite dark and with unexpected obstacles like pot holes and piles of sand/rubble.